“How I Work” with Niveen Heaton of Adicora Swimwear

In a recent podcast interview, I had the opportunity to meet with Niveen Heaton, a local fashion designer with Venezuelan roots, who turned her childhood dream into a 7-figure fashion business. She’s also the fashion creative director of Metropolitan Fashion Week—one of the fastest growing fashion week events in the country. Below is a transcript of a section of the interview where she shares through a series of rapid-fire questions, how she works.

Alonso Chehade:  What’s your morning routine like?
Niveen Heaton:  Make breakfast for everyone (Niveen is not only an entrepreneur, but she’s also a mom and has two kids)

AC:  One word that best describes how you work
NH:  Upbeat

AC:  Current computer
NH:  iMac

AC:  Current mobile device
NH:  iPhone

AC:  Apps, software, tools you can’t live without?
NH:  Photo editing tools, just because I work so much with social media.

AC:  What everyday thing are you better at than everyone else?
NH:  Thinking about how to put an outfit. I’m really quick on that. And I shop in 30 minutes.

AC:  What’s your workspace setup like?
NH:  Computer, fabrics, and sketches.

AC:  What’s your favorite to-do list manager?
NH:  I’m
pretty old school; I just do post-its.

AC:  What do you listen to while at work?
NH:  I listen to Drake, a lot of hip-hop and house music. And Shakira.

AC:  What are you currently reading?
NH:  I’m currently reading “Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child”. I read books for my kids to be a better mom.

AC:  What’s your sleep routine like?
NH:  Put the kids to bed, clean up, read the news, and then I just go to bed. I’m a night owl, usually creative minds sleep late, and I sleep like around 11:30 pm and I wake up at 7 am.

AC:  Best advice you’ve ever received?
NH:  When you’re not doing well, and things are not turning the way how it is, the door that’s going to open it’s going to be way better. Whatever turns you down, it’s because there’s something better waiting for you.

To learn more about Niveen, why she left Venezuela, how she became a fashion designer, and her outlook on life as she continues to grow towards building an international fashion brand,  you can listen to the interview here.