YPOS Tries… Seaplane Tour!

This week we had the unique privilege of riding with one of Seattle’s finest airlines – Kenmore Air. I should start this article by saying there were two YPOS members riding in this plane (along with six strangers) and one of them might be terrified of flying.That person was me. Fortunately, this fear never stopped me from flying, but in the past I felt more at ease in larger commercial jets with a recognizable brand name on the side over a ‘puddle jumper’ or very small plane. I mean the turbulence, right?

So off we went, Brenda Baxter (YPOS VP of Events) and I, into the land of small planes, gorgeous views and the scary unknown. Before I hopped on the plane I had a quick adult beverage in hopes it would calm any irrational thoughts and make my fears unknown to the other excited passengers. It seemed to do the trick and before we knew it, Brenda and I heard our names being called for the 5:15 PM flight. Best of all, no airport lines or security; it seemed as though they cut out all of the not so fun parts about flying.    

We hopped on to the plane and I immediately buckled in and got situated, while everyone else was looking out the window and taking a ton of pictures. I mean, the view over South Lake Union was basically picturesque on this sunny Saturday night.  Before we took off, the pilot told us where all of the emergency exits, lights, signals, barf bags, seat belts, length of flight and what seemed to be way too much information for my scared little head to process.

Terrifying (to me, only) but beautiful and awesome all at once!

I have to give a brief shout out to the pilot for navigating a waters among boats, paddle boarders, kayakers and birds for a safe flight takeoff. Once we were in the air, it was 20 minutes of breathtaking views and to enhance your flight, your headphones doubled as a recorded navigator, walking you through Seattle’s various history and landscapes. As I alluded to before, the views were really something to see and being so high up, you get a real sense of just how vast Seattle’s east and west side is (I am fully generalizing.  The main sites we saw were: gas works, UW, Kirkland’s waterfront, etc)

As you might have guessed I got a bit unnerved when the flight seemed to wobble in the air and move about, without any turbulence inducing clouds present.  Both Brenda and I dealt with this a different way, me staring out the window willing the plane to chill out and Brenda feeling a bit nauseous towards the end of the flight. But, we couldn’t have been happier.  It was such a great way to see and appreciate all that Seattle has to offer. The cherry on top? The landing was incredibly smooth.  

So take a moment out of your schedule this summer and get to flying! We really think you will find a new appreciation for Seattle and all of its majestic views!

Jamie Shindler

Jamie Shindler

VP of Marketing and Communications at Young Professionals of Seattle
Jamie Shindler is owner of Blue Crane Works, a local consulting firm specializing in marketing, account management, and creative services for startup and emerging companies (www.bluecraneworks.com).
Jamie Shindler