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YP Elite Membership

1. Is there an age limit?

That’s an easy one.  We’re inclusive as ****.  If you feel “young” then you’re young.

2. Do you offer discounts to or is there an affiliate program associated with the Elite membership?

We only offer discounted memberships through our affiliate program. If you want your company to purchase your membership(s), or you want to purchase memberships for your employees or on behalf of an organization, send an email to membership@yposeattle.com.  We’ll hook you up.

3. Can I share a Memberships?

Nah homie… Memberships cannot be shared and will be crossed checked with identification when redeeming discounts.  We don’t usually take ourselves this seriously but somebody once told us to “grow up”. We’re trying.

4. How secure are your payments? 

We use industry standard 2048 bit secure encryption for all transactions – shown by the padlock in the browser bar.  Additionally, all membership transactions are processed and encrypted through Stripe’s AES-256 standards.  YPOS does not store credit card details.

5. Can I receive a refund or transfer my membership?

At the moment, no.  All sales are final and Elite memberships aren’t transferable (see answer to #3… this is us trying to grow up).

How Do I Get More Involved?

1. How do I join the YPOS community? Is there a membership fee?

Start by following this link.  You have the option to “join the community” which signs you up for a tailored weekly newsletter at no cost.

If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, with better and direct access to other members, mentors, hiring managers AND specialized events with discounts at bars, gyms and restaurants throughout the city, you’ll want to click the “Become a Member” button.  Thank us later.

2. I am interested in getting more involved with YPOS. What’s the process of joining the board or a committee?

Thanks for your interest.  You can fill out this application and we will reach out to you as opportunities arise.

3. Who are the board members of YPOS and what are their roles?

 To get to know us even better, go here!

Happy Hours

1. Is there a cost to attend the monthly happy hours?

There is no cost, all of our monthly happy hours (on the last Tuesday of each month) are free!

2. How do I  or can you register me for the monthly happy hour?

You can always register yourself and your entourage by visiting our YPOS events web page and finding the event you’re looking for there.. This will speed up check in!

3. I have never been to one of your happy hours, what can I expect? What should I wear?

We network in a relaxed atmosphere (e.g. no speeches, no name-tags). Have  a drink, enjoy  hosted appetizers and talk with  our amazing members.  There are typically about 150 young professionals and there is no dress code (anything you wear to work is perfect)

 4. I RSVP’d for this month’s happy hour but unfortunately I can no longer attend. Can you take me off the list?

Not a problem, we appreciate you letting us know. Hopefully you can catch the next event!

Special Events

1. I bought a ticket to one of your events, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds to any of our paid events.  If you would like to sell your ticket, feel free to post a comment on the corresponding Facebook event page and someone else may purchase your ticket from you directly.

2. I won a prize at one of your events, where do I claim it?

You can email us. Keep in mind, you won’t get an email to claim a prize from a third party (non-YPOS) email.

3. I would like to volunteer for one of your special events, who should I talk to?

Thanks for your interest. Feel free to email us and specify what event you would like to volunteer for.

4. I lost something at one of your events? How can i find it?

Your best option is usually to contact the event space directly but send us an email and we’ll do our best to help. We do not maintain responsibility for personal belongings at our events).

5. I see the event page says that your event is sold out. How can i get more tickets?

Sorry, if the event page says SOLD OUT, we are indeed sold out!! Keep an eye on the Facebook event wall (when applicable) to see if anyone is offering to sell their ticket.

Sponsorship / Partnerships

1. What are the sponsorship opportunities available?

It really depends on the event or what you’re looking for.  Check out our Media Kit / Partner Proposal and then send us an email, so we can discuss your advertising goals and customize a package for you.

2. I would like to discuss a potential partnership, how can I get connected with you?

We would love to discuss how we can incorporate your company and/or services within our network. Visit this page, add a bit of requested information and hit send.  Someone from our Partner team will get back to you.


I am new to Seattle and am looking to meet new people, connect and find a job, how can YPOS help?  

We would love to hear from you! Send us an email with some of your questions, thanks!


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