We know you… the YPOSer who craves the informative, creative or hysterically brilliant blog post. Well, YPOS is currently compiling a quirky collection of articles, from a variety of contributors, that range from Seattle top ten lists to interviews of local influencers or business owners. Want to become a YPOS contributor and have your original works published, or do you simply have a previously written blog post you think the YPOS audience should see? You’re obviously talented enough to find the right page. Keep reading… 

A few reasons to become a YPOS contributor:

1) Exposure. YPOS has a growing audience of thousands of young professionals in the Greater Seattle Area. 

2) No Experience? No Problem. Being a YPOS contributor offers you the chance to gain valuable experience with very little risk… or work. 

3) Backstage pass. Though we don’t plan on throwing everyone in with the sharks right away… those who prove their ability will be offered the chance to conduct interviews with the local influencers and attend exclusive press events. 

Ready to go?

It takes zero effort to get started. We have a light, savvy (often sarcastic) PG-13(ish) attitude and are looking for contributors with a similar style. Begin by filling out the form below – thanks and happy writing!

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