Communo connects Young Professionals of Seattle in the Sharing Economy

Beyond hockey, Tim Horton’s coffee and poutine, our Canadian friends have come up with a pretty cool idea: Communo, an innovative concept that could change the game for community members working in the field of marketing services.

Communo is a curated, membership-based community of carefully vetted marketing and creative professionals who give and get work within a sharing economy. Through a convenient app, members are able to scale their business quickly and operate more efficiently by sharing talent, resources and knowledge.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below:

Communo in action

Who are Communo members? It turns out, they have a lot of similarities to Young Professionals of Seattle:

  • Most are entrepreneurs or small agencies
  • Open-minded and generous
  • Representing 43 different disciplines
  • Professions include web design, digital marketing, social media, public relations, photography, art directors and graphic designers to name a few
  • Working in Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto. Coming soon in Dallas and Atlanta.

When our founder, Ahmad Corner, heard about Communo he knew our members needed to meet these like-minded professionals. That’s why Young Professionals of Seattle is proud to co-sponsor a Communo Meet Up this Thursday, July 19 at 6 pm at the Surf Incubator at 999 3rd Avenue, Suite #700. You can register here and the first drink is on them!

“When I learned about the values of sharing, responsibility and community, I was instantly excited,” says Corner. “There’s a very strong entrepreneurial community in the Seattle area,  lots of them are solopreneurs or small agencies and I think they will see a lot of benefit in this resource.”

Corner himself operates a digital marketing agency in Seattle called YP Group (YPG), so he’s well versed in the need for qualified, vetted talent with a variety of skill sets to service a full range of clients. He’s inspired by the Communo philosophy where members focus on their key strengths and outsource projects and opportunities that aren’t their expertise.

From his perspective, he believes the timing is right for Communo because he sees a lot of competition and overlap happening in the creative services industry right now.

“There’s a lot of competent and creative people who are accidentally competing with each other. People just don’t know what else is happening. Often times, there are competing events and competing agencies and they are all doing really cool stuff, but they could probably leverage each other instead of competing with each other,” he says.

In June, Communo officially launched in Seattle at an American Marketing Association event at the Lake Union Cafe. It already operates in the Canadian cities of Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. To date, Communo has close to 300 member firms, sharing thousands of employees, and facilitated millions of dollars of deal flow last year.

Communo’s VP of Marketing and Growth, Patrick Orr, says they are looking for 100 new members in Seattle and are currently accepting applications.

“Ahmad was one of our first Seattle Communo members and is now an advocate for us in this market. He represents what we call a smart marketer; someone who realizes that traditional agencies are a thing of the past and that smaller, agile agencies are the ones who will succeed,” says Orr.

Young Professionals of Seattle and Communo will once again join forces at next month’s ProDev Day event – a free to the general public event, that focuses on providing career development and entrepreneurship resources.  An action-packed day with panel sessions, workshops, a pitch event, fireside chats and a job fair.

Communo, which offers marketing, business and sales coaching, will be on hand for one of the sessions. Exact details of the event are still being worked out.

These two vibrant communities working in tandem with each other represents increased opportunities and learning for all members. Sometimes, according to Ahmad, it’s just a matter of learning “who” and “what” else is out there.

“The city of Seattle is growing really quickly. A lot of people are not from the Seattle area, but they’re doing really cool stuff, and they’re just not in touch with all the resources that are currently available,” says Corner. “So, there’s a unique opportunity for Communo to come in and provide that as a platform.”

Stay up to date on Communo’s events in Seattle and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find out how this community is revolutionizing marketing services in North America.


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