Dapper is… interview with fashion influencer, Aania Aslam

Fashion is definitely part of my spirit! It’s not about just the items you wear or what you like, but how you feel in your clothes and subsequently, what makes you happy. I’m constantly trying to mix things up; adding color and new patterns, but to get ahead of the upcoming YPOS End of Summer Party, I was hoping to grab a few tips from someone in the know.

Luckily, I got a chance to interview Aania (or Aani) Aslam – a beauty and style blogger and creator of Life of Aani – who was able to give me a better sense of “Dapper” and impart some of her fashion style knowledge!  

Jamie Shindler:  
I’m dying to know, what are your go-to casual items, that still make you look put together?

Aania Aslam:  A pair of dark jeans always make a casual outfit so much more classy. I also love having that one pop of color or statement piece in every outfit. For example, if I’m wearing a dark pair of jeans with a simple white t-shirt, I’ll pair it with a bright pair of heels or a funky scarf or some big/colorful earrings! It makes it look like you’ve put in so much effort into your outfit. 

JS:   Being comfortable is essential, do you have any shoe brands – shoes that last more than 2 hours – that consistently get it right? 

AA:  I’m super short (4’11) and I live in heels! I’ve thrown out all of my old heels for Sam Edelman heels! They’re SO comfy! My current favorite style is the Yaro style from their brand. It’s this strappy 4inch sandal heel I can walk a mile in!


Aania Aslam discusses fashion favorites (Sam Edelman) ahead of YPOS end of Summer event: Dapper as * * * *
Left: Aania Aslam of Life of Aani. Right: Aani’s go to heel – The Sam Edelman, Yaro

Some of my go-to accessories are necklaces and bracelets, do you have any more creative options?

AA:  I’m LOVING silk scarves this year! They’re so light weight and can go with any casual or dressed up look for just that little bit of extra detail. I love them!

JS:   How have you navigated Seattle’s tricky weather? We want to be functional and cute!

AA:  I love a good pair of white sneakers! I used to always buy the fabric kind, but I’ve learned shoes in Seattle need to always be waterproof because it really can rain at any time! I also love a cute waterproof trench – it’s so much classier than a rain jacket!

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Aania (Ahh-knee-ya), is a 20-something gal living in Seattle, Washington. She loves creating things with her hands and expressing  creative outlet through photography, beauty, and fashion – in short, she’s “obsessed with pretty things”! A lot of her inspiration comes from living in the PNW, growing up with Pakistani parents, and being a very passionate (read: ‘extra’) person. Her website, Life of Aani, is a place where all of those things come together!

If you’re interested in more fashion points from Aani, make sure to follow her blog and check her social accounts: 

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And don’t forget to grab your tickets to Dapper As * * * * tickets. Hope to see you there!

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