Dapper is… an interview with Endurance Nweke

I recently published an interview that I did with style expert, Aania Aslam. She provided some helpful insight around women’s fashion – which ended up being highly relevant considering we’re just over a week away from Dapper As * * * * (a fashion forward fundraiser and celebration of the close of another Seattle summer). 

Realizing, men in Seattle care about fashion too (yes, I also realize that men, fashion, Seattle aren’t words you often hear in the same sentence), I made sure to grab some time with Endurance Nweke (aka the Curator of Cool), who has not only attended previous Dapper as * * * * events but is a key influencer on the local men’s fashion scene…  

Jamie Shindler:  One of my favorite parts of the Dapper As * * * * party is the fashion. The guys really bring it! What is one of the easiest things guys can do to dress up and standout?

Endurance Nweke:  Now we all know that women bring it everyday, so guys we need to bring it once again. The easiest ways to dress up and stand out are to introduce subtle details to your outfits that make it pop. For example utilizing a seersucker dress shirt, gives you a textured look that you and play with add other patterns and accessories to make it cohesive.

JS:  Brightly patterned and funny designed socks seem to be all the rage right now. How can someone show off their personality and still look dressed up?

EN:  The best way to show off you personality is to utilize accessories or take the time to craft you outfit selective so that each piece stand alone still says something about you. If you’re opting to use accessories, it’s all about placement. Having a bright pocket square is a nice touch, but you can also have your go to watch or bracelet and couple that with a lapel pin or broach that you can attach to your blazer that will also add some panache. 

Endurance Nweke (Curator of Cool) discusses fashion and style ahead of YPOS end of Summer event: Dapper as * * * *
On the right: Endurance Nweke of Curator of Cool. Photo Cred: Ben Murphy Photography

JS:  One size never fits all, whats an easy alteration you would suggest for everyone’s wardrobe? 

EN:  An easy alteration for most guys would be to have you trousers custom fitted. Going to see a tailor is just as important ass seeing your barber. Think about it, you only let one person cut your hair because they know your head like no one else does. Getting a tailor is beneficial because they will know you your body will change the more you work with them. They can tailor you jeans so it’s a slimmer fit and not such a loose or airy look. 

JS:   Accessories really ramp up our outfit for “dapper”; would you suggest tie, bow-tie or none at all?

EN:  If i had to suggest one I’d say go bow tie. Have faith in your fit, and let the bow tie bring all the attention to your face.

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Endurance Nweke is a DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) native living in Seattle, currently working as a finance analyst at a tech company. Endurance has built the platform called TheCuratorofCool.com with a purpose to educate men on menswear. Menswear isn’t just about suits, so he tries to help men create a complete versatile closet with timeless pieces that they can use for any occasion. “I just want to help men find their confidence, help them understand their bodies in order to find their own style.” #curateyourowncool

If you’re interested in seeing more fashion tips from Endurance, make sure to check out www.thecuratorofcool.com and follow him on social media:  

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Don’t forget to grab your tickets to Dapper As * * * * 


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