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About YPOS

Established in 2011, YPOSeattle is now known as the young professionals concierge to the city

We strive to have a significant impact on the community by providing opportunities for young professionals to enhance their personal and professional growth through inclusive experiences that CONNECT, EDUCATE and EMPOWER.

Who Runs YPOSeattle?

YPOS is administered by a set of board and committee members selected from an ambitious pool of young professionals within the Seattle area.

They put their pants on one leg at a time (some of them do), laugh at a good joke and sometimes eat sandwiches for lunch. They’re normal people, except for one thing: they starve for the opportunity to enhance the Seattle experience for all young professionals, and thrive under the challenges in doing so. They have expertise in various industries and have all served on boards or committees of other local and national organizations. The collective knowledge of this group could maybe… just maybe… conquer the world – one city at a time!

A History of YPOSeattle          

YPOS Demographics

Young professionals are movers and shakers in their communities

Our audience is composed of intelligent, successful and connected individuals who are involved not only in business, but also help to guide the efforts of all sorts of organizations. Giving back to the community through leadership is important for our passionate young professionals. 

STEM 16.6%
Financial Services 14.2%
Healthcare 14.1%
Marketing & Advertising 13%
Sales 9.2%
Real Estate 7.8%
Legal 6%
Education 5.8%
  • High School or Equivalent
  • Trade/Tech
  • Associates of Arts
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

YPOS Events

YPOSeattle Events teams hosts over 50 events a year 

We drive upwards of 6,000 individuals to various venues around the Greater Seattle Area.  As digitally savvy our community is, we place a lot of value in opportunities to engage live and in person.

Last Tuesday | The YPOS Happy Hour Social
Networking events held on the last Tuesday of each month at various venues around Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.
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frequency: 1/Mo. | attendance: 150 – 300 | location: SEATTLE

Special Events | Tastings, Volunteer Experiences, Wellness, and More
Occasionally, the topflight YPOS events team goes rogue (and that’s okay) and puts together awesome events on the fly.
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frequency: 1+/Mo. | attendance: 50 – 500 | location: VARIOUS

Signature Events | Seattle’s Swankiest Events of the Year 
YPOS host two signature celebrations a year: an anniversary party cocktail party in early spring & an end of summer party in Aug/Sept.
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frequency: 2/Yr. | attendance: 450 – 800 | location: SEATTLE

ProDev A Platform for Professional Development
ProDev is the city’s most accessible resource for entrepreneurs and career professionals. The ProDev platform features educational workshops and discussions, powered by an aggregate of communities, mentors and coaches.
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frequency: 1+/Mo. | attendance: 30 – 200 | location: VARIOUS

YPOx Networking Beyond Seattle
In the spirit of bridging communities, the YPOx event series was launched as a locally held, independently managed networking event. Think of a YPOx networking as a laid back way for the power networker, the job seeker, recruiter or business owner to meet and interact with dozens of young professionals locally while connecting to thousands, globally. 
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frequency: 1/Mo. | attendance: 50 – 100 | location: EVERYWHERE

YP Impact Creating Measurable, Lasting Impact
YP Impact is built to help young professionals create measurable, lasting civic impact in their communities. They host a monthly events to raise awareness and/or money for various issues. 

frequency: 1+/Mo. | attendance: 20 – 50 | location: SEATTLE

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YPOS Media

YPOSeattle Media keeps the community informed and engaged

The YPOSeattle can attribute its rapid growth to the unique fact that the organization was built, and is managed, by a team of digital marketers.  We’ve optimized various digital communications channels, enabling us to organically drive community growth, engagement and interest while seamlessly integrating AdvertisersSponsors and Corporate Members into the fold. 

A weekly newsletter is delivered to 13k local inboxes, keeping the young professional community informed and up to date on news and events in their communities.

YPOSeattle maintains a high level of engagement through email automation and custom targeting by delivering announcements and event invites specifically relevant to community members stated interests. This provides a unique opportunity to display highly visible promotional content. 

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The YPOSeattle Blog features content written by young professionals, for the young professional community.

Key coverage areas include: Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Companies on the Move, Community Impact, Local Events, People to Watch, New Restaurant Openings, Health & Wellness and more. 

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The fast growing YPOSeattle social media channels are leveraged to inform and entertain by amplifying relevant blog content, events and partner/sponsor promotions. 

Supported by a team of marketers, YP Media social campaigns are optimized through a culmination of data and experience. We’re able to maintain a high level of engagement by delivering curated and relevant news and information throughout the young professional community. 

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