Running Don’t Come Easy

‘Strength doesn’t come from what you CAN do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you COULDN’T.’

My first half marathon was unexpected, but super fun! I signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon here in Seattle 9 days prior to the start. My cousin visiting from Vancouver, BC insisted I do it with her. She even told me we’d go slow because she was hurt–but that wasn’t the case! But looking back it was her strength that kept me going and her talking me through the process. 

Have you ever done a marathon before? I never understood all the training and work that go in it, but here’s my journey. 

1. Sign up for the race….now you are committed to go.

2. Train a bit…depends on how long you have until the race. I had 9 days, 

3. The couple days leading up to the race there is a big EVENT EXPO, where all participants pick up their race bibs, t-shirts, freebies, and other gear. There’s usually a ton of local and national companies—athletics, running, food, sponsorships.

4. Day of the race: (this is how my day went):

Get up and ready at 4am—what’s the weather outside? Looks to be beautiful and sunny!

Eat breakfast: 1 banana and smears of peanut butter. Just the right amount of protein and bananas help your legs to not cramp.

Put on your running shoes and leave the hotel/house: either walk, drive, or uber to the race

Get to the race: drop off your gear at gear check, take a before photo, and go to the bathroom

Stretch a bit: make sure you stretch your legs out…you are running 13.1 miles or 26.2.

Get to the start line: get to your corral, pull up your music playlist, and get motivated

Ready, set, go: start the race and keep a good pace

Mile 4: You just finished a 5K. This is where I was getting tired, but my cousin let me slow down to a 10 minute mile instead of 9 minutes

Mile 6: Passing the 10K mark and now up this hill…good thing I’ve been practicing hills with hiking.

Mile 8: Woah I’ve never ran more than 8 miles in my life until now

Mile 10: I’ve got this—make sure to grab water and gatorade at the water stations

Mile 13: Let’s run hard through the finish line. Don’t know if I had any juice left, but I ran my heart out and finished after 2 hours and 21 minutes!

After the race I could not even stand straight. Your legs feel like jello. Take all the freebies at the end of the race–chocolate milk, gatorade, fruit cups, bananas, energy drinks, etc….you’ll need them.

5. After race celebration: eat whatever food you want—you just burnt so many calories.

6. Post your after race selfie. Show everyone you did it!

Taylor Shimizu

Taylor Shimizu

Communications Director at Young Professionals of Seattle
Taylor Shimizu is an account executive at Intersection, a technology and media company committed to improving the urban experience. She specializes in transit advertising--advertising on King County Metro, Sound Transit, and the light rail stations ( She has over 8 years of media sales under her belt and loves connecting with others in the community through Seattle Rotary, meetups, and community service. Let's connect:
Taylor Shimizu