Who’s looking out for you in your career?

Who’s looking out for you in your career? Who can help you chart a path and make it to your destination?

Cultivating the right mentor relationship is an art and a science, with a bit of magic thrown in.

Founder and principal of 3C Comms, Bryan Rutberg, will share his experience as a mentee, and as a mentor, throughout his career at companies like Microsoft, HP, and McKinsey & Company. Nick Hughes of Founders Live will lead this special fireside chat and bring his unique perspective from the startup community.

Join Bryan and Nick after a day of networking and learning activities at ATLAS Workbase. It could be the knowledge you need to find your next great mentor!

Christina Brennan

Ideator, Content Creator, and Coach at 3C Communications. As an intrapreneur, I contribute at every level of our boutique communications firm. From writing blogs, creating presentation decks, ghostwriting for execs to coaching startup founders and corporate ladder climbers on being more impactful presenters. I'm a comms nerd that loves marketing and sales. Let's connect!

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