YPOS Tries…Hypnosis!

We have tapped into our more unconscious side!  For this next installment of YPOS Tries, we got hypnotized!

Going into this experience my knowledge of hypnosis was minimal at best.  I had seen accounts of people getting hypnotized on TV but had never heard about it ‘in real life’ – from one of my friends or family.  Thankfully, my naivety worked as a driving force in allowing me to be open and a willing participant in the whole process.   

My first appointment and subsequent three appointments were nothing as I had expected (even though I knew admittedly nothing about the process).  Each of my one on one appointments (with a board-certified hypnotherapist, Mandy Barbee) came with a variety of emotions:  nervousness, excitement and even surprise. 

Mandy and I got to know each other quickly.  She taught me self-hypnosis right away.  I learned hypnosis is the type of mental activity between sleeping and critical alertness.  It’s the same as ‘runner’s high’ or being in ‘flow’ like when surfing.  From our first conversation, we discussed that this is a process towards a goal – it’s natural, gentle, and quick, but it’s not magic.  That being said, each time we met I learned something new and saw positive results and changes. 

Fortunately, Mandy maintained a calm demeanor and open environment reassuring me she wasn’t going to ‘reprogram my brain’ or rehash bad memories at great lengths (yes, that was 2 of my very real questions).  Leaving out all of the details that my hypnotherapist and I discussed, I know my entire process was a transforming experience.  Upon leaving even my first session, I found myself smiling, over nothing, sleeping better and having an overall sense of positivity… Simply put, In the end, I felt like I achieved the goal I set with her. 

For all of you believers or skeptics like me, I would recommend this method to someone wanting to achieve a goal.  I learned so many people have benefitted from only a couple of sessions – feelings of anxiousness, those struggling to sleep, nervous public speakers, to name a few.   Want a welcoming environment and one on one attention that taps into your driving patterns in ways you haven’t experienced? Sign me up….AGAIN.

For anyone out there who wants to try hypnotherapy with Mandy mention “YPOS” when you make the appointment for 15% off one session or package (FYI, she has an online scheduler that makes booking an appointment really easy).





Jamie Shindler

Jamie Shindler

VP of Marketing and Communications at Young Professionals of Seattle
Jamie Shindler is owner of Blue Crane Works, a local consulting firm specializing in marketing, account management, and creative services for startup and emerging companies (www.bluecraneworks.com).
Jamie Shindler